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18th February 2019  
Spider Solitaire is vaguely playable.
I think that, for the most part, the Spider Solitaire is now roughly ready to go, but the Framework is barely finished at all!

You can test Shoebox here. Spider Solitaire oughta be good to go.


I've given the menu buttons enough of a tweak to make them look not completely like Workbench icons, and have rejigged a fair amount of the framework (after a suggestion from @BUNArt_) to allow me to add svg images instead of pngs in the future.
It mostly worked, but the result isn't ideal, since the use of a canvas results in the svg being pixelated anyway.

But the basic functionality is in there, and should I find myself wanting to strip out the Canvas stuff in future, and simply use basic HTML functionality, I would at least get the advantage of those svg's.

Current todo list..
1. Load and Save
This definitely needs done, because if you add the site to your iPhing's Homescreen, the "App" has an annoying habit of refreshing EVERY TIME you open it, losing all your ingame progress.

2. Look into the Audio
I added a semi-buffer to the site, in the hope that it would allow the audio to work on iOS, but instead it froze the whole thing!!
I need to look into why that was, but due to the "amazing" way that iOS is set up, you can't get a glimpse into the Safari Error Console without hooking the bloody thing up to a Mac. *nnngh*

3. More Menu Work
Ideally I'd like a "Card Games/Word Games/Misc Games" menu system, and have each button give you a selection of settings to play from.
Spider Solitaire, for example, is actually prepared to play with either 1, 2 or all 4 suits. There's just nowhere, currently, to let you select those.

So, lots of fun times ahead, making menu stuff.

And we all know.. I HATE doing menus!!!

... Although, to be fair, the menus are a LOT easier when I'm not worrying about keyboard/gamepad input!

You can test Shoebox here. Spider Solitaire oughta be good to go.

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