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19th February 2019  
Added persistent scores, as well as the ability to select game modes for the chosen game.
I've added semi-persistent score handling to the Shoebox Framework, along with plenty of space to add a decent selection of scores and things into the mix.

You can Test the Shoebox here!


These values will hold things like "The number of times you've played/beaten a game" (which is currently dumped into the bottom right of the screen) and will also be able to handle Highscores, Best Word, Highest Combo, and other such things.

The framework now also handles "Difficulty", and/or other compatible options, within it's code.. So Spider Solitaire's "1 suit/2 suit/4 suit" option is almost usable.
Of course, I haven't yet redone the menu system to handle that, but that'll probably happen at some point, today.

Meanwhile, I spent a couple of hours creating a nice new Bubble-Font, which will be used for any word games that go into the site.
Lovely big and high-resolution, but then scaled down to fit into a more sensible resolution!

You can see the bubble-font if you click into the WordList Test.
Obviously it's not a magical thing to see, as its just a set of bubbles, but it's good to see a classic style redrawn!

You can Test the Shoebox here.

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