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Aaah.. Accordion!!
19th March 2019  
Alan finally reveals the proper name for Trails.


Awesome!! Thanks Alan!!

Note : I so very very very nearly deleted your comment because, without any additional text, it just looked so much like a standard spam-bot link! Sincere apologies if 100,000 other people have already sent me such replies, and I've been clicking the delete button on them all!!!


A pile can be moved on top of another pile immediately to its left or separated to its left by two piles if the top cards of each pile have the same suit or rank. Gaps left behind are filled by moving piles to the left.

And so, the "Trails" mystery is solved.
Note : No right moves!! But I'll be leaving those in, because they're super-handy.

There is this bit, though..

Alfred Sheinwold mentions in his book 101 Best Family Card Games (ISBN 0-8069-8635-2) that it is considered a win when there are five piles or less at the end of the game.

That seems like a plan.

Today I'll rejig the scoring a bit, make it a "Win" for <5, and maybe use the "Highscores" area to store a "Fewest Cards Remaining" value.

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