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2nd April 2019  
Today I need to get a new scoreboard working in the Shoebox.


A quick and simple one should suffice, but it'll need to keep track of how many wins each of the "Party Mode" players gets.

Just a little table, or something, most likely in the same form as the "Best Word/Highscore" table that pops up on the game menu, whenever needed.

I'll also need to implement some way to store those values, too, as they need to be stored in one single value slot, since each game only has a few values that it saves.
But it's definitely do-able. I already managed to store the player select setup into one single string, so this shouldn't be much harder.

As well as that, I'll try to neaten up the basic "Next Player" stuff, as the game currently tends to just plough ahead. It could do with an onscreen "Player X" indicator.

And then there's the keyboard. I'm thinking something more like the one I used on Score My Words.. Just a little set of tiles in the corner which, rather than tapping, you'd instead drag letters onto the player. The 3-character initials would cycle through as you drag letters onto the player. That should be more than sufficient, I reckon.

So, lots to do, today!
Time to get a move on.

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