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3DS Comments
  10th April, 2019
cooolboy stopped by and left a couple of comments on 3DS games.

I should give some proper feedback.



on 3DS games in general
hello, it's possible to upload this game on tinydb for 3ds homebrew? Thanks!

The previous "titleDB" was abused by idiots who uploaded links to actual proper pirated 3DS games, and that's why it was closed down.
This time around, the developers have decided to ensure all homebrew is "true" by enforcing a GitHub-Only rule.
Since none of my games (and I've a LOT of games, here!) have GitHub repositories, and barely any of them at all have SourceCode provided, it creates a huge wall between me and the tinyDB interface.

Unless, by some amazingly magical set of events, the tinyDB crew decide that my games are safe-enough, and opt to have faith in me as the developer that I am, they won't be showing up on their DB.

on JNKPlat 3DS Levels
wow! very good levels! But, can you build a QR code to scan in FBI on a 3ds? Thanks!

Again, a no.
I haven't coded the game with QR codes in mind. At one point I was considering it, and went as far as looking into ways to generate the QR codes myself, but then I realised that... You can't then do anything with the QR code, other than saving it to the SD card on the 3DS. At that point, to get access to the QR code you either switch on your 3DS's online capabilities and risk breaking your homebrew, or you pull out the SD card and pop it into your PC.

By that point, it just seemed easier to say "pull out the SD card, pop it into your PC, and drag and drop the level file." than to even attempt to get QR's working right.

So, I gave up on that.

Maybe, some day, I'll come back and attempt that, but considering there's only been 13 level packs in the six months since the game's release, I don't think I'm really in any rush to do so.

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