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Player Thoughts
  26th April, 2019
As the Shoebox continues to build, more and more and more comments are incoming! I've literally had more comments to the blog in the past couple of months than I have in the past decade!!


Olympic sprinters don't need to break the tape by exact footstep

*imagines 100 Marathon sprinters stopped right at the end of a race, all trying to roll a 6 to win*



Added shoebox page to my android home screen and played most of the games after disconnecting from the internet without any problem. Great progress.

Hopefully it stays working!!
Be sure to report any and all issues.

Now that you have completed 18 games in shoebox what is your opinion on developing in html/JavaScript. Were you able to achieve what you have envisioned.

Once you wrangle a modern language down to a specific set of rules, you tend to find that a lot of them are actually really similar.
My main issues with Javascript have been browser compatibility ones, and I'm sure that moving forward, that'll keep cropping up. As HTML rules constantly change, and browsers keep updating, the things that I've coded will no doubt start to break.
I'll need to keep a constant eye on things, but .. Hopefully.. The way I've coded things should allow me to focus on fixing the framework, and leaving the actual games as they are.
This is a HUGE advantage from previous frameworks, where everything's ended up pretty much locked to the language that I've used, even the recent C++ stuff.

Yeah, one little HTML change, and things could go south pretty quickly.
I definitely need to keep up with all these updates, now.

From the player's perspective I feel that shoebox is so easy to access, play and discover new games.

If you're playing the Shoebox on iOS with a "Add to Home Screen" bookmark, it's alarmingly simply to hop in and out, and play the games exactly as though they're a "proper" app.
The worrying thing, right now, is that update delay, where the game refuses to bother to update for hours at a time. So, even if I upload a huge update with a new game (like last night's Flipped Puzzle), the "app" version refuses to update until (seemingly) the next day.

At first I thought it was something on the server-side, but having checked the logs, it seems that iOS isn't even bothering to check the server for updates.
That's a bit annoying..

Having said that, that's only a problem if you know there's an update, and you're wanting to play the update. For most players who don't visit this site, their current version will continue without issue.
And, I guess that's ok.. Right?!

A link to AGAW games from shoebox might help new players to discover non shoebox games in AGAW.

I added a little tiny "link" to the version number on the titlescreen.
If you tap it, it's supposed to open up the Recent Updates list thing, and on desktop it definitely does that.
On iOS, however.. No such luck.. Because I've added it as a Javascript event, it needs permission to occur.

At the same time, however, I've added a link to the Wikipedia entry of Nintendo's Polarium, in the Flipped Puzzle rules page.
If you click THAT link, since it's a "normal" html link, it will open on iOS devices. So, I think that's probably the better way to go.

Add little links inside the rules pages, and probably dump a bunch inside the credits "rules" page, too.

One more Back button at bottom left might be good as I accidentally press android back key to get thrown out of the game.

Oooh, I forgot about that button.
Alright, I'll see what I can come up with.. Maybe "Back Button = Open the Quit Menu" or something?

Played flipped puzzle game and got stuck in puzzle4 in easy level for a very long time. Read the rules one more time and was able to solve it thinking outside the boundary. This game nicely fits in the shoebox collection, an excellent implementation.

It's a lovely puzzle, and I remember spending ages playing the thing on the DS. I'm not sure why Nintendo haven't done an update, but it seems the developer (Mitchell Corporation) closed their doors back in 2012. Which is a shame

Just realized that there are 750 total levels in flipped. Its insane. How were you able to generate so many levels.

The level generation, written in BlitzMax, was fairly simple to get going.

Start with blank square.
Draw path, counting "flipped" squares as you goes, until you reach a decent number. (more flips = harder level)
Randomly invert the colours on a few of the lines.

That's pretty much it. There's next to no logic to the generator whatsoever, it just checks that there's no duplicates, and that's about it.

Once the generator's made a level, it converts it to a 16 character string, and then bundles all those into a simple javascript file, ready to import into the game.

I've also made it spit out a solutions file, too, so if you ever get completely stuck on a level, let me know!

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