The Blogged History of 'Shoebox of Games'

15th January, 2021
    v1.152 - Added the word game Lingo

12th October, 2020
    v1.15 - Added the Pool/Bowls game All Cued Up

7th September, 2020
    v1.148 - Added the puzzle Working Gears

29th June, 2020
    v1.1471 - Added the solitaire games Uintah and Wasatch

8th June, 2020
    v1.146 - Added the word game Switch

11th May, 2020
    v1.145 - Added the game Poke 5,n

26th April, 2020
    v1.141 - Added the strategy game, Klik Linx

12th April, 2020
    v1.14 - Added the game Poker Points.

9th March, 2020
    v1.134 - Added a basic Wordsearch game.

23rd February, 2020
    v1.133 - Added the solitaire game, Monte Carlo

3rd February, 2020
    v1.1326 - Added the game Words Within to the Word Games section.

12th January, 2020
    v1.30 - Added the puzzle game Handlink.

10th January, 2020
    v1.127 - Updated the site to use a newer caching method.

18th December, 2019
    v1.11 - Added the two player game Obstruction

1st December, 2019
    v1.10 - Added the timeless classic puzzle, Vexed

9th November, 2019
    v1.09 - Added the game Sort Bubbles

2nd November, 2019
    v1.08 - Added the word game WestWords.

26th October, 2019
    v1.07 - Added the puzzle game Jimper

19th October, 2019
    v1.06 - Added the Solitaire game Baker's Dozen

11th October, 2019
    v1.058 - Added the game ''Bottoms Up''

3rd October, 2019
    v1.055 - Added the game Homepath

28th September, 2019
    v1.054 - Added the card game Shamrock Solitaire

21st September, 2019
    v1.052 - Added the game ''Pigs'', a multiplayer Dice Rolling challenge!

13th September, 2019
    v1.048 - Added the word game, Word Pyramid

7th September, 2019
    v1.047 - Added the strategy game ''Isolation'', and also added the QWERTY keyboard to Hangman and Triplets.

2nd September, 2019
    v1.046 - Changing the game javascript methodology.

31st August, 2019
    v1.04 - Added Pyramid Solitaire.

24th August, 2019
    v1.038 - Added the word game Triplets.

17th August, 2019
    v1.0373 - Added a classic two player card game, Spite and Malice

10th August, 2019
    v1.0363 - Added MiniGolf. Putt your way to the hole.

3rd August, 2019
    v1.034 - Added the classic game of strategy, Checkers

26th July, 2019
    v1.033 - Added Pontoon Grid, a card-based puzzle game with 750 levels.

20th July, 2019
    v1.0321 - Added the game ''Grid of Conquest''

12th July, 2019
    v1.03 - Added Blackjack to the Card Game selection

11th July, 2019
    PreRelease - Cache problems aren't yet solved.

6th July, 2019
    v1.0284 - Added the classic dotty game, Dots and Squares.

30th June, 2019
    v1.0252 - Added Space Battle into the One-On-One section.

22nd June, 2019
    v1.024 - Added Swaps to the Tower Solitaire game.

21st June, 2019
    v1.021 - New game, Tower Solitaire. Build the pyramid/tower with matching cards.

15th June, 2019
    v0.997 - Added the explosive game ''Atoms'' into the Group games section.

7th June, 2019
    v0.988 - Added Hangman, the game of guessing words

19th May, 2019
    v0.986 - Added Laps to Mancala

18th May, 2019
    v0.9856 - Added the ancient boardgame Mancala.

17th May, 2019
    Upgrading sprite drawing routines, and continuing to work on the game Mancala, which should be ready for release, shortly.

15th May, 2019
    v0.982 - Added a Reduced Motion option in the options screen.

14th May, 2019
    v0.98 - Added Crossword Golf, an AI score-based battle of words.

13th May, 2019
    v0.973 - Added ''Score My Words'' in the Extras section.

13th May, 2019
    v0.969 - Added an Option menu

12th May, 2019
    v0.968 - Updates to Crossword.

12th May, 2019
    v0.962 - Updated the main menu, to include tabs along the bottom.

10th May, 2019
    v0.96 - Added Shuffled Tracks, a semi-clone of the old 8-bit Locomotion puzzle game.

8th May, 2019
    v0.953 - Improved Crossword Game's AL quite a bit.

7th May, 2019
    v0.95 - Added a Crossword Game

1st May, 2019
    Continued work on ''Generic Crossword Game''

30th April, 2019
    v0.945 : Fixed a bug in the touchscreen code.

30th April, 2019
    Work on ''Generic Crossword Game'' begins

28th April, 2019
    v0.942 : Added Golf Solitaire, a much less evil game than yesterday's Castle one

27th April, 2019
    v0.935 - Added Beleaguered Castle Solitaire.. Alarmed by how hard it is!!

25th April, 2019
    v0.92 : Added a clone of the old Nintendo DS puzzle game, Polarium

25th April, 2019
    v0.9185 - I think I've solved the chaos of Caching!

24th April, 2019
    v0.902 : Finally gave the Shoebox a domain name, and added vPeek and vPoke functions for future usage.

23rd April, 2019
    v0.9 : Added new game Reversi. The classic flipping strategy game.

22nd April, 2019
    v0.897 - Added game Board of Spikes, a simple Snakes'n'Ladders style game, using cards.

16th April, 2019
    v0.89 - A bunch of tweaks to the size and design of the cards.

14th April, 2019
    v0.88 - Ludo added to Board Games

11th April, 2019
    Extra work on sprites and grids for future board games.

10th April, 2019
    v0.85 - Decided to place the Per-Game rule options into the ''Rules'' page.

9th April, 2019
    Memories of Cardagain, and comments from RSKGames

8th April, 2019
    Added Cardagain to the Misc menu

7th April, 2019
    Testing an iOS compiled edition of Shoebox.

5th April, 2019
    Started work on a reusable ''Hand of Cards'' function

3rd April, 2019
    Added basic little Notifications so that you know whose turn it is.

2nd April, 2019
    Continued Tweaking at the scaling issue.

2nd April, 2019
    Added a Party Mode scoreboard, and also added names to the Party Mode screen, too.

1st April, 2019
    Future plans for Card based elements

1st April, 2019
    Fixed up the style of the Player Select, and added load/save of the settings

31st March, 2019
    Accidentally uploaded an unfinished Player-Select feature!

31st March, 2019
    Thoughts on SVG and other scalable formats

30th March, 2019
    Added a ''Highlights'' feature to the blog, but unsure where to link to it in Shoebox!

30th March, 2019
    Added game ''Snakes and Ladders''

30th March, 2019
    Further tweaks to the Card sound effects

29th March, 2019
    Added a memory to the ''Style Select'' option.

29th March, 2019
    Started work on Snakes and Ladders

29th March, 2019
    Audio Recording session with a deck of Monopoly Chance cards!

28th March, 2019
    New ''Ghost Style'' credits screen. Added ''Rush Hour'' game as a proper game.

27th March, 2019
    Added a standard Match-3 game.

25th March, 2019
    Added the ''backwards'' word game, Word Tubes.

25th March, 2019
    Fixed the errant flashing when a player wins Four in-a Row.

25th March, 2019
    Made the Four in-a Row AI a little less dumb.

23rd March, 2019
    Rebecca sends AL some fan-art!

23rd March, 2019
    The AI for Shoebox games is given the name ''AL''

23rd March, 2019
    Added a trashcan to allow you to erase the scores of the selected game mode.

23rd March, 2019
    Updated the sound engine to cope with smaller sound samples.

20th March, 2019
    Moved audio from many single .wav files, into one large ''Audio Spritesheet''.

19th March, 2019
    Added Dice Rolls, a fairly obvious Yahtzee rip-off.

19th March, 2019
    Renamed ''Trails'' to Accordion, and fixed up the rules so they're more in line with the proper game.

19th March, 2019
    Alan finally reveals the proper name for Trails.

18th March, 2019
    Pixelart game icons redrawn in a higher resolution.

17th March, 2019
    Pixelart icons drawn for the game menu.

17th March, 2019
    Added the game Score Rack. A game where you play a Scrabble-like rack within a single area.

16th March, 2019
    First (failed) attempt at making an audio ''sprite sheet'' for the various ingame sounds.

14th March, 2019
    Added Leapfrog. A jumping puzzle game.

13th March, 2019
    Work on the Board Game engine continues.

12th March, 2019
    There's a lot of complex maths involved to get the Board functions to scale properly.

12th March, 2019
    Early work on the Board Game functionality.

9th March, 2019
    Added a particle engine, so that things are a bit less drab.

8th March, 2019
    Added ''Same Game'', where you click clusters of similarly coloured tiles.

8th March, 2019
    Changed the scoring of the word game tiles, to match those of Scrabble. Additionally got a bunch of Icons/Counters/Player Tokens drawn.

5th March, 2019
    Added a 60fps mode for smoother gameplay.

5th March, 2019
    Added a game that I remembered from my childhood, but can't remember the name of it. I've opted to call it ''Trails''.

4th March, 2019
    Added extra fail-safes to prevent a lockup when the game fails to load the save file correctly.

4th March, 2019
    RSKGames alerted me to a potential issue with the game locking up, when it can't correctly load the previous save data.

28th February, 2019
    Added a mute button. Now you can play in silence!

27th February, 2019
    The little arrow in Rush Hour was broken.

26th February, 2019
    Had a really weird wiggly-card issue!

25th February, 2019
    A significant rewrite to the save data has required that all scores be erased!

25th February, 2019
    Revamped the game selection screen.

25th February, 2019
    A LOT of fixes to the Klondike Solitaire game!

24th February, 2019
    Added a Klondike Solitaire game.

22nd February, 2019
    Added the ability for each game to have its own Rules page.

21st February, 2019
    Added the word game ''Strings'' with a couple of playable modes.

20th February, 2019
    Finally managed to get Audio working on iOS devices!

20th February, 2019
    Almost had a more stable audio setup working, but then the iOS version broke completely!

19th February, 2019
    Added persistent scores, as well as the ability to select game modes for the chosen game.

18th February, 2019
    Added Save functionality.

18th February, 2019
    Spider Solitaire is vaguely playable.

17th February, 2019
    Drew some Workbench-Style icons for the menu.

15th February, 2019
    Basic audio is added, but refuses to work on an iOS device.

15th February, 2019
    Further tweaks to the canvas-scaling is required.

13th February, 2019
    Dragging is working, but not accurately.

13th February, 2019
    A test of the WordList functionality, for future word games.

12th February, 2019
    Added Multi-Load into the script, so it can jump from game to game.

12th February, 2019
    Testing whether large layouts of cards will even fit on a tiny iPhone screen.

11th February, 2019
    The first visible engine output.

11th February, 2019
    A new plan. Physical games.

10th February, 2019
    A King is Drawn

10th February, 2019
    An email about a card game.

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