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Something, Something, Car..
4th June 2019  

Spent a few hours, yesterday, getting a very basic looking car to drive around a very basic looking grassland. (and/or, blue space with stars in it, acting like a flat driveable area!)


I'm not really sure what sort of game this is going to end up as, but the car churns along at a decent speed, and seems nice and functional.

1. An actual racing game, but that requires AI players, and tracks and things.
2. A time trial game, also requiring tracks, but at least I can avoid AI!
3. Some kind of "Collectathon" thing, with various goals to hit.
4. Or something completely off the wall.

Not really sure, right now, if I'm honest.
*shrugs* Guess we'll find out, hopefully before Monday!


My Friday Petit Switch release is pretty much ready to go. It's nothing complicated, and is another remake of a semi-popular AGAW classic. (Feel free to guess which one, in the comments below!)

I'll be holding it back until Friday, in a bit to stick to the new schedule.
Coding things in advance will probably be something I do a lot of, from here on.

Tonight I'll see about doing a quick Foldapuz game, and then likely work on the Hangman game for Shoebox a bit, ready for a Saturday release.
The schedule is slotting into place!

... For now!!

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