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Skipped Week
  27th January, 2020
.. and not for trying.


I've attempted half-a-dozen different game ideas, this week, and all of them felt "wrong" in one way or another.
The last thing I want is to add another "Disk O' Green" to the Browsercade, so anything even remotely shitty has been put off.

Most of yesterday was spent trying to make a version of Break Peg for Browsercade, but even that seemed to be broken due to annoying multi-resolution scaling issues.
When I eventually tried to cram the game into a locked off area of the screen, the whole thing got a little silly to look at, and ridiculously crammed in its gameplay, to the point where the ball would just keep bouncing around up at the top until almost the whole arena was cleared.

It's really not been a good week for coming up with ideas.
My mind is mush, and hasn't worked well at all.


Don't worry, though, I have been working on a Super Secret Side-Project, too!
Not THAT Super Secret Side-Project, from last year, though. I think I've abandoned that one, too.
This is a NEW Super Secret Side-Project, and it's coming together nicely.

I'll probably focus on that, today. I need to figure out all the load/save stuff, and stop that odd crash from happening when the "Add to Home Screen" version is closed/reopened.. Not sure what that's all about!
It's about 70% ready to go, and might be finished off in the next day or two.
.. Well, not "finished off", more "ready for access"!

Look forward to that, then!
Whatever it may be!!

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