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  15th May, 2020
Yesterday was chock full of things that I did. The newsletter, the ALChoon, the SmileBASIC game. And then...


..I stopped.

For the rest of the day, I did practically nothing.
Played a bit of Animal Crossing, and played about a bit with some CSS for the site overhaul, but otherwise nothing much more than that.

The new layout is starting to flow a little better, but I need to rewrite a chunk of the site to deal with the various things that the tabs are doing. Right now, clicking the Browsercade/Shoebox/Foldapuz tabs will only bring up the default GameList view, but I'd instead want it to include blogs and things, without getting too messy.

That's kinda the point of this view..

Taking ALL the content from a day, and cramming it into a smaller view.

But will that work?
CAN that work?
And can I design the tabs so that they're obvious enough, because right now, they really aren't all that obvious!

Yep, there's still tons of stuff to work out, as I plough ahead with only the above image as my design philosophy.

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