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7th July 2020  
I think a vague style is definitely starting to emerge..


The game has been given the "Temporary but likely won't change" title of Destination Starship, and we've got a random character running around with a phaser.
The player can shoot at objects in front of them (left or right, always targeting the closest object)
Once I add enemies into the mix, I'll make them target enemies first, then objects afterwards.

Right now, the only objects are trees, and I guess walls, too.

Not sure what sort of enemies to add, Bugs/Aliens/People, but I'm thinking the style will probably lend itself better to obliterating little bugs as opposed to shooting and blasting away other people!!
"We come in peace," after all.

Otherwise, it's the same plan as before.
Disks scattered around the level, bring one to the mainframe, engage the teleporters, escape to the next level.
I now need to draw objects, enemies and more, that aren't trees!

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New games every week!
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