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Strips 2 Blog
28th June 2007
While I was playing Ultima Online a lot, I decided to do a silly Ultima based comic. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it took ages to cut out and manage each of the panels of a comic, in order to make the pages look good.
As I always say, "A simple idea can always be made easier if you use Blitz to do all the boring work for you." It's a long saying, but it fits.
Hyper Llama Man lasted for 6 pages.. Not a long time, but at least I managed to pull myself away from Ultima!
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20th June 2007
Theory. I can make 3 versions of Platdude in 3D.
All three will be inside a box area. Version 1 will be a maze-like affair, with a multi layered floor, and 4 walls. Version 2 will be up against one of the walls and will play in a classic platform style. Version 3 will take the whole box area and fill it with Super Amazing Platforming Fun!
.. These were my thoughts when first trying out Blitz3D, 5 years ago.
<a href="https://AGameAWeek.com/shots/exp-p3d.png"><img src="https://A...
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19th June 2007
When I started doing Wed.Workshop, a few people complained that a week was too short a time, so in September 2005 I did the first and only Monthly Workshop. The Super September Challenge asked people to recreate a classic 8-bit game in a 16-bit style, and add some silly extras that people kept adding to games around that time.
My entry was to be Super Dig Dug.
It started off well enough, but then the sound started going all screwy, and I couldn't be bothered fixing it. So it was left to rot...
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19th June 2007
I've started to go through all my stuff, and I decided that, rather than just list everything, I'd try to create some kind of descriptive history of all my games, be they completed fun stuffs, or just failed experiments.? You might even start to see some new stuff appear here that you've never seen before!? ? In the meantime I've built up the JNKPlat section, as well as the More Games page.
I'm not sure if I'll bother doing the Wed.Workshop page.? Or perhaps I'll just list a few of my favourites. ?...
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Daily Blog
18th June 2007
Over the year, I've started a whole big bunch of games. Occasionally I finish a few! Here's some of the ones that involve Monkeys!
A mini competition was announced over at BlitzCoder. Create a game using no more than 150 lines of code. I created a silly game featuring a spinning set of monkeys, flying through a multicoloured tunnel. You had to shoot the monkeys. This became Space Monkeys 1
<a href="https://AGameAWeek.com/shots/sm1.jpg"><img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/shots/...
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Workshop Blog
18th June 2007
I get bored. I get bored a lot. Especially when working on large projects. It's nice to occasionally have some weird random thing to do.
That's why I set up the Wednesday Workshop.
A weekly challenge. Make a game based upon a given theme, or task. Everyone who enters gets put through for a vote. But it's not really about the winning. It's about having something to do when you're bored. And .. I get bored a lot!
Click <a href="https://socoder.net/index.php?a=13&...
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About , Workshop
18th June 2007
OK, lets see how well we go with this.
Taking a slight page from Prospero, I decided to setup a Wordpress page.
I'm (hopefully!) going to be using this site to keep track of all my old Games and Musical pieces, so they'll all be easily accessible.
It'll probably not work, but it's at least worth a try, right?
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Daily Blog
JNKPlat Blog
18th June 2007
Platdude. A 16 pixel, 3 color character. Deftly defying the world of 3D models and amazing realism, in favour of good old fashioned gameplay.
Over the years, Platdude has been in plenty of games.. Here's an approximate history of Platdude, along with Downloads where appropriate. (Or skip to the bottom for the latest stuff!)

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About , Platdude
18th June 2007
Views 1460, Upvotes 14  
Adventure , Platdude , Idigidragon
6th June 2007
Views 1454, Upvotes 12  
Duck , Quack
3rd May 2007
Views 1523, Upvotes 36  
Typing , Munky
1st May 2007
Views 1274, Upvotes 22  
15th April 2007
Views 1645, Upvotes 20  
Incomplete , Avoid
Frostbite Game
9th April 2007
Views 1702, Upvotes 37  
Remake , Platformer
Picross Game
6th March 2007
Views 1152, Upvotes 32  
Puzzle , Logic
12th February 2007
Views 1362, Upvotes 20  
Incomplete , Avoid
16th January 2007
Views 1505, Upvotes 28  
Platdude , Magnets , Puzzle , Strategy
8th December 2006
Views 1202, Upvotes 22  
31st October 2006
Views 1243, Upvotes 33  
Maze , Avoid , Platdude
Penises Game
1st October 2006
Views 2388, Upvotes 21  
Puzzle , Strategy
12th September 2006
Views 1308, Upvotes 16  
Adventure , Platdude , Idigidragon
21st August 2006
Views 2670, Upvotes 33  
Remake , Mario
2 Lines Game
17th August 2006
Views 1295, Upvotes 16  
Multiple Games , Minigames
19th July 2006
Views 1653, Upvotes 35  
Abandoned , Maze , Munky
9th July 2006
Views 1358, Upvotes 22  
Remake , Demake
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