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The Puzzle
4th January 2022  
A few weeks ago, Michael Fernie suggested a possible game for the Shoebox.


I had an idea for a ShoeBox game. How about a daily jigsaw puzzle? Use all the Platdude wallpapers and other artwork you do already on a schedule.

The idea's been bubbling away for a good few weeks, and I think it's mostly doable. Grab a .png from the archive, turn it into a puzzle, job done.
I've also been considering alternative ways to take a spritesheet full of archived Pixelarts, and upscaling those for temporary puzzles whenever you're offline.

I'd need to allow for a large scrolling "Table" where you can place pieces/clusters as you go, and .. more or less... it should be easy enough to get working.

That WAS the plan for next week's Shoebox game.
.. Until this morning, when over at SoCoder, TheRevillsGames unveiled his own plan for a Jigsaw game.

As some of you will know, I don't like duplicating ideas, and I especially don't like looking like I'm pinching an idea from the forum and running with it.
If I did a jigsaw puzzle RIGHT after helping someone else with ...a jigsaw puzzle... that would 100% look like I've just nabbed the game and made my own.

So I won't be doing that, this week.
Maybe I'll rethink the idea and come up with something else.
I'm not sure.

There certainly has to be SOMETHING I can do with all of these Pixelarts.
I'm now considering doing another Picross game, but the last time I did it, I found myself having to redraw all the "puzzle" icons, so they made more sense than the completely random scribbles that are part of the Pixelarf challenge.

Am I up for that!?!
Not sure.

Find out next week, I guess, because I have to write SOMETHING by Monday!

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