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23rd June 2024
Yesterday was spent doing a Musical thing.


It's nearly time to start the next ALBum, and this will be "R", so I've opted for "Recorded" as the title.
It's the last of the 26x26 Albums. Every other letter has been accounted for, so once this one's done, we'll have a lovely set of 676 ALChoons, each with two-word titles, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet.
Good grief!!

So, 26 choons to go.
And yesterday I started by creating "Recorded Like" which will be the little outro on all the videos for this ALBum.
Turned out nicely, and I got a little video clip created for it, too.
Oddly, when I tried to expand the ditty into a song, I found it morphing back into the "Like and subscribe, that's the way you should be" melody of Zinc Like, so .. It's kinda ended up phasing back into that again.
Bit weird, but I guess my head couldn't quite escape that original melody.

Now I only need to write 26 songs to go with that, and we'll be sorted!

This should take me right up until New Year. I wonder what next year's plan will be?
Should I continue with the Two-Word ALBums, or do I take things in a new and original direction?
.. I'll probably just stick to what I'm doing. Seems to be working ok, right?!
Let me know if you'd like to hear me attempt anything weird during the next part of this MusicAL journey.


24 years ago, I started a weird little thing called Codas. A little short sitcom script every single day, which lasted a few months before I got bored with it all and abandoned it.
The sitcom starred a bizarre caricature of Dave who I met at college, who lived in a home for Retired Coders (RCHomes), and ended up being a neighbour to our old A-Level Computing teacher.. .. Who you may or may not know as Greenie.

Other residents of RCHomes included Matt Smith creator of Manic Miner as the owner of the place, and Bill Gates, because.. Hey, why not!?!

Yesterday (or maybe it was the day before, not sure!) Claude.AI unveiled their newest model, and for some bizarre reason, the thought entered my head to try feeding it some old Codas scripts and seeing what it could do with it.

> Reveal 🔎
I got it to generate about 3 or 4 episodes, yesterday, and they amused me enough that I'm tempted to add an episode to the little A.I. Section of the daily blog..
Might get a bit repetitive, though.

A.I. Corner

: Download | Suno Link

Alternative version
: Download | Suno Link
Sung by Suno

"Cartoon @Derek tries to resurrect an old sitcom" by
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