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9th December 2009  

Every Monday morning, 10:30 GMT (or thereabouts, later if I sleep in!) I post a brand new game, right here on the site.

Each game is 100% coded by me, Jayenkai.
95% of the graphics are done by me (with rare dips into the Google Image archive when I'm absolutely dry) and 95% of the audio is also done by me (with rare dips into the Aminet archive, or Kevin MacLeod's collection for the odd bit of music when I'm not in a composing mood!)

If you'd like to read more about what tools I use, click here.
Over the many years that I've been doing this, there's been an extremely varied selection of games, from absolute gems, to complete stinkers, but each and every week there's something new, and if you're happy to try new things, then you might stumble upon a few games that you'll grow to love.

As well as a lot of games, I also create Music and am currently attempting to draw a Platdude based Pixelart every single day.
There's even daily blog posts to keep you informed about background inanities that happen in my life.

So much stuff!
Stick around, and enjoy the ride.

Contact Jayenkai

Email Jayenkai

Be aware that if you email me, you'll generally get a long rambling reply.
I tend to waffle in my emails.
If you'd prefer I keep things short, use Twitter instead!

Donate to AGameAWeek

If you'd like to contribute to the lifestyle of someone who makes a great number of freeware games, there are a variety of methods to do so.
Feel free to donate anything you feel comfortable with. Every little helps -=-=-

1) Patreon

If you'd like to send me a monthly donation, you can do that via Patreon.

I currently don't any "bonus" items to give away, mostly because everything ends up being given away for free, here, but if you'd like to donate out of the kindness of your heart, this is probably the best way to "subscribe" to the world of AGameAWeek.

Consider how many of my games you've enjoyed over the years, and whether that's worth $1 a month..

Patreon Page

2) PayPal Donations

You can send a one-off donation via PayPal by using the following link!

Simply Click 'n' Pay!

3) Buy Physical Stuffs

I have a Spreadshirt webstore, where you can buy AGameAWeek branded tshirts, hoodies, hats and umbrellas. I barely get any money from these, but they're nice to have, right!?
You can find all those, and more, at
And be sure to let me know if there's anything in particular that you'd like to see available.


About Jayenkai

Having attempted and failed at both GCSE and ALevel computing, mostly due to becoming overwhelmingly bored at their idea of computing (Punched cards, Binary and How to Use a Wordprocessor!), I inevitably gave up on the idea of "computing" as a career.

Coding is my hobby.
I enjoy the freeform nature of my hobby, and will continue with it until I become bored with it!
You can Follow @Jayenkai on Twitter!
My main twitter account contains mostly rants and other nonsense.
If you'd prefer a less human, more news-based twitter feed, you can alternatively follow iJayenkai which is all about my iOS releases, or AGameAWeek which is all about the latest releases, here.

Al O'Dare

AL is a rather silly character, initially created as a daft comic strip character, and eventually evolving to become a musician..!
Al continues to write using only capital letters. I'm not sure why this is, but that's just the way it is.
All of AL's music is available in the Music Archive.
You can Follow Al O'Dare on Twitter!
He also has a SoundCloud account, as well as his own YouTube channel.

Socoder is a forum which I quickly cobbled together to replace another forum which some idiot decided to scrap.
Socoder is my secondary home, and is a lovely "backstage" area for programmers to chat about their latest endeavours.
I also write a weekly newsletter for Socoder, which you can subscribe to here.
You can Follow Socoder on Twitter!
And then, of course, there's..


Platdude is a platforming character who prefers puzzle gaming to platforming.
He's my main mascot, and has appeared in a multitude of my games.
You can read all about Platdude here.
Platdude also has his own Twitter account, where he posts his Daily Platdude Pixelarts
Note : All none-Jayenkai Twitter accounts also tend to get retweeted by my main Jayenkai account, so don't feel that you need to follow all of my crazy accounts!

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New games every week!
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