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Music Player
  17th September, 2017


Spent quite a bit of time, yesterday, tweaking elements of the Music Player.

Whereas the previous edition of the music player would take all it's info from one single giant XML file, the new one directly uses posts from the database.
Whenever I set a post as a "Music" post, it scans through the post's text for Track references, and then builds an album using that information.
Basically this means I can now write all sorts of guff around the track listing, so that on the site it becomes much more readable, whilst in the player it's simply just a neat little filelist.

This post for example, contains credits for all the choons, but if you click on a choon, only the actual tracklisting is played.

All in all, that was a fairly complicated arrangement to get to work!
Whilst working on it, I also took the time to build a MiniPlayer that can be integrated directly into a page.

Which is nice enough, but the music will stop if you navigate away, unlike the main player which (since it's a separate tab) stays active.

Today I'll be going through the game archive and trying to link up as many of the choons as I can.
.. because I forgot to store the Music links..

That's not going to be easy, is it!?!


You might notice a "Show Latest Upvotes" link at the bottom of the Search Widget, which does exactly what you'd expect it to do.
There are no additional options for that page, though.
It just is what it is!!

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