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Making a Start
  12th June, 2018
I didn't get an awful lot of gameplay implemented into this week's game, yesterday, but the basic bits and pieces are in the engine.

I've decided another remake's in order, and am focusing on NeoPlat. Not NeonPlat, the happy neon Desktop game, but NeoPlatDS, the little Original DS game about landing on floors, or something!!


The block-layout appears to work, and the screen wraparound seems to be functioning as it should be, on all targets! Gudgud.
Today I'll be tackling the platform collisions, getting the tile-fading to work right, and then trying to decide the best direction to take the game.

I've played a lot of the original NeoPlat, and it's quite fun, but it never really had much of a purpose. Perhaps a proper "Level #" set up might help?
I'm not sure.


Sony's E3 thing was quite slow and dull when compared to Microsoft's, wasn't it!?
Hopefully Nintendo can do something extra special, tonight!

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