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WordPress Database Warning
  4th July, 2018
As I continue my trek through all the old blog posts, fixing up links and tracking down old images and things, I've noticed a rather worrying thing.
Any and all quotes, from old blog posts, seem to have completely vanished from the database.
I'm digging through old archived SQL backups, but I can't seem to find the quotes.


Example post.
My old suggestion box posts used to have oodles of people's quotes, with my comments inbetween, much like the more modern Player Thoughts posts work.
But where are they, now!?!

If you look at the above link, you'll see me talking to myself.
It looks not entirely unlike those Garfield Without Garfield strips, with me becoming a slightly crazy Jon Arbuckle, ranting and raving about possible game ideas.

I expect it's probably happened whilst using WordPress's rubbish built-in export/import functions. I did that a few times over the years, and lost tons of theme settings, and all sorts of other bits and pieces in between server switches. It never once occurred to me that it might also be losing ACTUAL CONTENT as well.

I urge any and all WordPress users to do as complete of a database backup as you possibly can. Do it right now, and make sure everything's still there in the backup, and if it isn't, do a more sturdy backup, and try to figure out why things aren't quite right.

It's entirely possible that this is an issue that's been fixed over the many years that this evidently happened (considering I'm looking at blog posts from 2010) but it's a good idea to be extra safe, just in case.

As it was, I spent a good number of hours last night, trying to find as old a backup as I could, but nothing I can find has the quotes included. Grrr..
I'm really rather ticked off right now, if I'm honest.

I HATE losing things..

Bah, humbug..

FWIW : I'm no longer using WordPress. I got SO fed up with the frankly rubbish export/import functions, whilst moving from server to server, that I simply gave up with WordPress and wrote my own thing instead.

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