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Player Thoughts : Site Overhaul
13th June 2020  
Been asking on Twitter and SoCoder for thoughts on the new site overhaul..
Let's take a peek at all the feedback!





I like the colors and the icon designs in the new website design.

You can thank Rychan/@RefreshGamesUK for the lovely style. His single picture helped a TON whilst doing this.

The icons and links in each posts top right edge is a nice touch.
Looks good in the mobile browser too.

Yeah, one of the issues with the previous site was that it was almost unreadably tiny in Mobile. I tried my best to make it better. Hopefully!!

Some suggestions:
Found that in the main page the page numbers 1 to 313 does not work. The following url for page 1 gives ''Nothing Found '' result. However the page numbers in the sub categories like ''Shoebox games'' etc works correctly.

Oops! Fixed!
The script was incorrectly assuming "More" was the name of a game, and getting itself all confused!!

In the archives dropdown ''Jan to Jun 2002'' have no results. Augest 2002 has the first post.

Incorrect! The game JNK Slalom has a timestamp of December 1997!
I should maybe do a cache of dates, or something, because otherwise I'll be having to do a complete scan of all posts and (in realtime) gather up their dates into months, and build that list.
.. So, yeah, caching would be better for that!

Can there be next previous song button in the Jukebox page.

I have a lot to fix up on the Jukebox page. For starters, the left hand side, with all the albums, is hardcoded! It should really be gathered data, instead, and also the page reloads each time you click one, whereas it oughta be javascript enhanced, so that the current track keeps playing, and the album data is replaced.
I know what I have to do, there, I just haven't yet been bothered to do it all

Can the pixel art and poems post have post numbers on them. Important milestone 2000 is nearing for the pixel art posts.

The Poetry have the numbers on the bottom right of the images, but it's not very readable when shrunk down.
Pixelart have the numbers when you click on them, but not in the smaller view.
Both, I guess, could be added next to the date, maybe?! That'd probably work, I think.
*does that*

Thanks for the feedback

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