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10th February 2021  
I spent most of yesterday doing that "What game should I make...?" thing.


I mean, most of yesterday.
So rather than coding anything new, I instead poked and prodded around various bits and pieces of the Shoebox and Browsercade site.
Shoebox now has a better Big Hand cursor on desktop, and also includes the AGameAWeek logo in the top left.
Browsercade's sound samples have been increased from 8bit 16,000 kHz to 16bit 22050 kHz. Not really all that noticeable, but .. there it is! (I do still need to recreate a couple of the newer sounds, though)

I also continued to try and figure out why Shoebox isn't "Speaking" on iOS. I know iOS does support speech in the browser, but .. why's it not doing it, here?! Hmm...

Anyway, after a number of hours of tweaks, I still hadn't come up with a game idea.
What was needed was one of those handy nap-time dream ideas that finally put all the recent puzzle-ideas into something vaguely decent.

.. So I had a nap.

And an idea! Hurray!
Today I'll be trying to get the idea to work. Not 100% sure on the outcome, but I'm hoping the gameplay will be a little more 'puzzley' than the previous attempt.

I hope!!

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