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Songs by Suno : 01 - 80s Synth Pop Blog
21st March 2024, the "Type something in, and there be music" AI Tool is alarmingly good.


AlbumArt by Bing/DallE3 is truly an amazing piece of software, and it just got better! v3 (the version that can generate up to 2 minute tracks) is available for all to use.
You get 50 free credits a day, enough to make 5 pairs of tracks. (Each request generates a pair of tracks.)

I thought I'd try giving it some code to sing, and this is what it output..

(Click Custom Mode to enable the lyric prompt)
Graphics 512,512,1 Repeat CLS 0,0,0,0.02 x=Sin(Mills()*0.2)*256+256 y=Cos(Mills()*0.33)*256+256 Text x,y, "Hello World",1 Flip Forever

Style : 80s Synth Pop

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CLS Zo Zo Zo Zo Zo Zo Too
: Download
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Two Five Six and Six
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You can Play with here
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