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Songs by Suno - 08 - Novelty Parody Song Blog
8th May 2024
Time for another crazy round of "Throwing BASIC code into an AI Music generator, and seeing what happens!"


Album Art by Bing/DallE3

Graphics 512,512,1 Repeat CLS 0,0,0,0.02 x=Sin(Mills()*0.2)*256+256 y=Cos(Mills()*0.33)*256+256 Text x,y, "Hello World",1 Flip Forever

The same piece of code was inserted into Suno as lyrics, with the same style prompt each time.

Why am I doing this?
I'm really intigured by what happens when the engine is mostly left to its own devices. It's all well and good giving Suno NO lyrics, because it'll use ChatGPT to generate a decent amount of lyrics that it can work with. Instead, I'm giving it "a bit" of nonsense none-lyrics, and the engine has to pretty much fend for itself.
The results are the Musical LLM going on crazy journey, and taking us with it.
Honestly, I'm just fascinated by the odd nature of the resulting chaos.

Other Albums in this Collection
01 - 80s Synth Pop
02 - Country and Western, Acoustic
03 - 80s British Ska
04 - Modern electro Bossa Nova from 2012
05 - 70s Disco Hit with Psychedelic Overtones
06 - 90s Irish Boy Band
07 - 1980s Charity Single with Multiple Singers
08 - Novelty Parody Song (in the style of The Firms Star Trekkin)

The Prompt
Today's style is Novelty Parody Song in the style of The Firms Star Trekkin

01 - May Cause Some Sex
: Download

02 - Error Oh Error
: Download

03 - Frum Mill
: Download

04 - X Equals Sine
: Download

05 - Forever World
: Download

06 - So I Live Like Oh Two Five
: Download

07 - Y Equals Cos
: Download

08 - For Elvis
: Download

09 - Waz Oh
: Download

10 - Born Apart
: Download

Thoughts : It couldn't quite figure out how to make a parody out of those lyrics, could it, though I'm quite impressed by what happens at the end of track 6 - So I Live Like Oh Two Five!

A huge variety out of these, though, probably the most varied collection, so far.
4 - X Equals Sine is a fun anthem that could be at a Blink 182 concert or something.
7 - Y Equals Cos sounds like a failed sitcom intro. "Professor called with his girlfriend's grip. "...!?
9 - Was Oh gets a nice stereophonic thing at one point.
A good collection, this week, though it did kinda miss the mark on the whole "Parody" thing.

For Elvis!!!

Have a favourite? Let us know in the comments!
And thanks for Suno for being so alarmingly impressive.
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