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17th January 2019
Since I created Foldapuz, I've been posting all the updates to a single updates.html file, and.. As much as that's been functional, it's also been growing and growing and growing.

JNKsg (The unnamed Sprite Generator thing) has been created in much the same way, with a similarly expanding updates.html file charting the progress of the site.

Today I decided that's probably not the best way to do it, and so I've taken the contents of both of these update pages and (with a lot of database hacking to falsify their dates!) have archived them into this very blog.
From here on, any interesting additions to either sites will appear at the top of this site, much like any other regular update, but with the addition of specific tags, can easily be accessed directly from either the Foldapuz site or the JNKsg one.

You can find the Foldapuz Blog posts here, and the JNKsg Blog posts here.

Sorted, and with the added ability to comment on the updates, which wasn't possible with the previous basic .html file. Hurray!
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