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Spite and Malice Game
17th August 2019
A traditional two player card game.
Remove all the cards from your Pay Off pile in order to win the game.
Your aim in this game is to remove all "Pay off" cards from your side of the table. (They're the cards on the bottom left)
To do so, move cards onto the Center Piles (the three in the middle), starting from Ace and moving up to Queen. These can be of any suit, and if you place a King, it acts as a wildcard, becoming the next number in the sequence.

You can move cards either from the Pay-Off deck, your hand of five cards, or from the four Side Piles to the right.
If you can't make any more moves, you need to take one of the cards from your hand, and place it onto one of your side piles. (These can be any cards in any order, it doesn't matter)

Once you place a single card onto your side piles, your turn ends, and it's the opponent's turn.

Play continues back and forth until one of the players has used up all of their Pay-Off cards, at which point they're declared the winner.
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