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9th June 2022

That's a lot of games!

There are now 800 games in the Game Archive.
That's approximately 750 more than I thought I'd ever manage to group together into a single place.

If you consider I properly started "AGameAWeek" back in August 2008, that's about 14 years of content.
800 / 14 = just over 57 games a year.

True, a HUGE majority of those games were written in the past two or three years, especially when I was doing little Foldapuz games in-between everything else. But the average is good enough to let me carry on with the name of the site as it is

With pen and paper games, Switch games, 3DS, Amiga, A Browser based arcade, and another browser collection for touchscreen games, as well as all of those OUYA ones, I've certainly spread out to a decent number of outlets.
Oh, and I wrote my own BASIC interpreter for the browser, last year, too.
And all of the music, daily pixelarts, and the odd little tool, too.

Good grief!
When you round it all up, I've really hammered out a ton of content, haven't I!?
And it's all free, unless you want to sign up to the Patreon, or occasionally chip in a couple of $£'s on an game or two.

I should probably make some kind of epic trailer showing off hundreds of games, but .. how on earth do you go about doing that!?
I guess the first step would be to sit down and play 800 games, recording footage for each and every one as I go.
Sounds like a huge job, if I'm honest!

Never mind.. Carry on!
There are many more games to create.

Do you have any favourites from over the years?
Let us know in the comments!
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