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Songs by Suno : 02 - Country and Western Blog
22nd March 2024
Over at, you can type in whatever you like for lyrics, give them a style, and see what comes out.

What happens if you shove some BASIC in there?


AlbumArt by Bing/DallE3

Had a lot of fun listening back to the "80s synth pop" tracks from yesterday, and wondered what a "Country and Western, Acoustic" batch might sound like.

Prompt is the same.
Graphics 512,512,1 Repeat CLS 0,0,0,0.02 x=Sin(Mills()*0.2)*256+256 y=Cos(Mills()*0.33)*256+256 Text x,y, "Hello World",1 Flip Forever

It really struggles with numbers, by the way!

The same piece of code was inserted into Suno as lyrics, with the same style prompt each time.

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I Eat Bugs 'Cos : Download

See a Lasso : Download

Life is Fixed with Two Five Six : Download
This one cuts out, right as it gets going.

Rapid Tattoo : Download
Everybody joins in with this one!

Exit Walls in Mills : Download
"Free free free free free"

Hello World, Awfully Forever : Download

X Equals Sin : Download

Tex Specs, Why? : Download

Put Two Exits In : Download
"I eat his car..."

Rebox Car, Mill 53 : Download
The obligatory slow track.

You can Have fun with Suno here.
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