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  16th September, 2009
Tuesday 15th of September 2009 03:07:08 PM
Name : redmoth
Idea : invent a new gambling/casino game

A few years ago (2004!!) I created Kasino Green. It was supposed to sit alongside StringyThings (a nice collection of Word games), and be a similarly nice collection of Casino games.

Database Linkage! Go download it!

Thing is, after I added Generic Slots, Blackjack, Poker and a rubbish bingo/lotto/whatever game, I really didn't have anything else to add!

I'd already run out of ideas.

If you play it now, you'll see that it really could be a wee bit better. Although I have managed to make it look nice and swoosy, the interface just ends up slow and annoying.
Must do better.

And so, what the hey, let's do that.
If you'd like to suggest a game for a nice new shiny version of Kasino Green, shove it below and I'll see what I can do.
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Daily Blog
  15th September, 2009

I was thinking of doing some sort of fruit machine thing, but I didn't really have any kind of plan for it, so it didn't really get off the ground.
Poor thing.

Maybe this week for that?
Or the RPG!
Oops, forgot about that!
It's getting the Patent Wars treatment!Read More
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Daily Blog
  13th September, 2009
I'm sat here at 11pm on Sunday night, trying to think of a game for Tuesday.
It's not happening..

I've spent all week long adding games to the archive. That's to say, I've spent all week playing all my old games, and having a whale of a time..
I guess that has a disadvantage, being that I haven't coded jack all, all week.
Oh well.
We can miss one, right?

Just means I need to make up for it next week.
Can't have the ratio dropping!

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Daily Blog
  11th September, 2009
I managed to get the Archive up to 100 games.
Counting subgames it's all the way up to 126! woot!

That's games from May 2006 up to now.
Not a bad count, but certainly not AGameAWeek.

I've overhauled the look of the Archive (which is now going by the less temporary title of "The Jayenkai Archive") so it's now a little more readable if the images don't load.

Other than that, though, it's the same as before.
You can look here to check out which games have recently been added.

Mmmm... Abandoned Super Mario Land game....
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Daily Blog
  10th September, 2009
The big-ass catalogue is now up to 68 games, and I've reached a bit of a stumbling block.

If you search for "multiple games", you'll find a few games that have more than one internal game.
Today I'm tweaking the engine so that it counts each of those seperately inside the nice ever growing total.

I wasn't going to do that, at first, but then I came across Platdude's Retro Collection, and decided to do it.
It'd be a shame to have PRC counted as only 1 game when it so obviously contains around 20 or so different little games inside it. Pacman, Space Invaders, Asteroids, and a whole bunch more would all be confined to one single little slot.
What's the point in that!?

So, new feature is currently being worked on, and PRC will be added to the list shortly.
Meanwhile I figured I might as well carry on adding to the list, and as a result, RPG is again being put off.

Add to that the fact that Beatles Rock Band oughta be posted through my door yesterday, I'm on imminent-new-game-stand-by mode.. So, not really getting much work done

Oh well!

This week's AGameAWeek can be the catalogue, right?!
Let's pretend I haven't launched it yet, and make a bigger deal over it on Tuesday!!
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Daily Blog
  9th September, 2009
If you've been keeping track, you'll have probably noticed an ever increasing number in the folders of my games.

These are the weeks of the Wednesday Workshop, and as you trace through my games, you'll see a whole lot of matches between the WW and the game's basic idea.
WW is fantastic for ideas, but sometimes things don't quite work out.

Take this image, from a basic engine, all the way back in week #142.. (That's 76 weeks ago!)
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Daily Blog
  8th September, 2009
I was struggling to come up with an interesting game, this week, when my Mum decided to show me her latest highscore on Yahtzee.
New idea!

So, I stuck the dice into a grid, and called it YBox.

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  7th September, 2009
I've just spent the past 2 hours playing a batch of my old (latest!) games, grabbing screenies, and re-uploading them to a new Archive system.

It's not exactly very pretty yet, and you can't vote, or search, or.. .. um, anything!
But at least the files are going up, and the game list is starting to be built.

Perhaps, some time in the next 20 or so years, there'll be a massive list of Jayenkai games!

Not yet, though.
Lots to do!

But it is coming!
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Daily Blog
  6th September, 2009
If you're russian and you're actually realistically posting something, stick a little bit of english in there, so I can tell! There's over 100 bits of spam in russian, in my akismet filter, and I can't tell what's real and what isn't.. so.. It's all gonna go, 'cos I can't be bothered google-translating each and every bit of spam!!

Tracking Back to Spam

Spambots are getting rather complex, and even worse are those horrible nasty little websites that take rss feeded news from the net, repost it, send trackbacks all over the damn net so you accidentally get them a better pagerank, they end up higher on google searches, and then everyone clicks them giving them advertising revenue.

I'm sure you've gotten as teed off at them as I have, lately, and it's even worse when you have to pluck the good from the bad on your own damn site.

If you've got a crappy ye-olde trackback system, do the right thing. Get rid of it, and try actually posting something like "Hey, I posted your game on my site 'here'" because otherwise I'm going to be deleting all trackbacks that look spammy.

If your trackback is copy+pasted from your own page, it'll probably go, unless I can tell that you've bothered to create the post in the first place.
If your page contains more than 3 google adverts, it'll more than likely go too.
If your page contains more than 1 stupidly annoying flash advert, it'll also mysteriously vanish.

I don't mind a little give and take, so long as I'm 100% sure you're not just in it to rip me off and take a little cash for yourself, even though I get no money for doing this..

Bad Page
No link to my site, not bothered to name me or my site, no credit to me at all, no link to my download, hosts the file themselves so that no-one will get the slight update I posted the other day, couldn't be arsed to take their own video, or screenshots, or anything..

The lazy fucking spambots.

Enjoy Tetripong!!
Some kind of Yahtzee coming on Tuesday. Dunno if you'll like it! Heck, not even sure how playable it'll be, myself, yet!
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Daily Blog
  6th September, 2009
Here's what's done.

1. Characters
2. Main character
3. Map/Towns/Layout
4. Fight Definitions (xml with fights in it!)
5. Fight Music
6. Random placements of enemy and pickup.
7. Tile map
8. Walking code.
9. Opening of fights (ie, that bit where it transitions from game to fight..)

Quite a lot, and yet there's a whole lot more left to do.

1. The actual fight code that takes the xml, and makes fights out of it.
2. Overworld music
3. Title music
4. Actual Gameplay mechanics, rather than just aimless wandering.
5. Balancing/Progression (can't really happen without those fights!)
6. Things as yet unplanned

Could that be done within the next day and a half? Probably.
But best not to rush things, since it's all working out well so far.

So, just like last week, I'll start a new game this morning, finish it tomorrow, and post that on Tuesday.
I've no idea what that'll be, though!
No idea whatsoever!!
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Daily Blog
  3rd September, 2009
I'd better get this game done, this week! It's getting a wee bit unruley. I need to pull in the ideas a bit and just get the game finalised.

Today I've been playing with the map again.
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Daily Blog
  2nd September, 2009
Seems to be that a fair amount of suggestions are monkey based thoughts, so I figured why not make a new monkey collection?

If you've an idea for a new monkey game, shove it below or in the suggestion box, and we'll have a good fiddle around with them all.

Gameplay wise, I'm thinking of perhaps creating a structure to a few games, release one a week and create a sort of evolving storyline that somehow manages to link the games together.
At this point, I've no idea if that'll work. But hey, it's a thought, right!?

We'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, back to the silly RPG thing, which now has the character from Mini-Sokoban in the lead.
You'll be happy to know he's now been given the name "Ted Bob"!


(not looking "too" pokemon'ish, is it?)
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Daily Blog
  1st September, 2009
Many many years ago (about 20?!) I played a game called Painter on a mate's BBC Micro.
Haven't played the thing since, but what the hey, here's the "Done in a day" remake!

I had intended to do a bigger project, and in fact that project is nearly done, but the lack of time made me postpone the larger project for a week, while it all gets done.
So, quicky game this week.

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  30th August, 2009
The ball from Pong, the gameplay from Tetris. The name seemed blindingly obvious to me.
But over the course of the past few days, I've received an inordinate number of complaints about the name.

It should be Breakout, it should be Asteroid, what!?
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Daily Blog
  26th August, 2009
It's that unexpected time, where I randomly choose to rummage through the bundles of silly game ideas, and pluck out the best/worst!
Let's throw out the spam, and get started.


FFS, there's a lot of spam!
Don't ever put a blank form onto a webpage!!


Wednesday 12th of August 2009 05:18:45 AM
Name : Shitterwing
Idea : what? add rats that pass through boxes and turn in the box's bash dir, and make them kill the char with a single touch! make it have 2 modes - turn mode (your turn, then one rat's turn) and realtime mode.

2 player mode does indeed sound like fun. That might definitely be something to try out.
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Daily Blog
  26th August, 2009
I've not had an LG Cookie for a few months, and instead picked up an LG Viewty.
The viewty's fine, no probs, but I met a few guys over at the MyLGCookie.com forum, and it was a nice experience, other than the hundreds of idiots there!

Alas, today, inexplicably, the MyLGCookie.com forum is no more.
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Daily Blog
  25th August, 2009
A few weeks ago, someone who obviously hadn't played Centipong enough to enjoy it, decided to complain away on the comments.

Shitterwing's complaint was as follows
Omfg! I'd rather play Pong against Tetris (untahris), than th1s th1ngy

Now, I don't mind complaints, but there's two things wrong with that complaint.
1. But... Centipong kicks ass!!!!
2. Pong vs Tetris? WTF is that!?
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  18th August, 2009
Hello all, Welcome to year two!
This year, I'll be keeping track of the weeks, and games, and things like that, so we can tally up as we go along.
Week 1, Game 1, 1:1 ratio! Good stuff!

This week's game isn't a game. It's more of a toy.
If you've ever played Jam Sessions on the DS, you should know what to expect.

And, yes, this is for RockBand/Guitar Hero guitars, so that'll probably rule a lot of you out.

If it helps, I bought Rock Band for the X360, and it plugs right into windows without needing any extra drivers or anything. How great is that!! (for the record, so do the drums! woot!)

So, step 1, plug in your USB guitar.
Step 2, find the chords for your favourite song. They usually come up if you type "Guitar Chords 'song name here'" into Google.
Step 3, Load up Rock My Chords

Hold a button on the guitar to switch to that button's setup. Whilst holding, click on the note grid to turn notes off and on.
You can also choose a chord, and click into the first note column to change the strum into that particular chord.

Type to edit/rename the song's name, and it'll autosave whenever you click inside the note grid.

You can hold down multiple buttons at once, so chords can be placed into a variety of frets, and I've even added Alt-Buttons, so if you've a RockBand guitar, you can use the lower fret keys, or even set the Back button to an alt, too...
Plenty to play with.

I should probably point out though, that I pretty much just made this for myself.
Little or no interest was given during the few twittery tweetys twits that I posted throughout the past few days, so I guessed no-one would give a rats ass about this little toy/game.
As such, there's a few niggly little bugs that could do with tweaking, but that I personally could live with.
If anyone at all wants me to fix things up, just ask, and I'll get right on it!

You can Download RockMyChords here, but make sure you've plenty of Music ready and waiting, 'cos I've not set up jack!!

And sorry about the filesize. Having 96 guitar samples will do that!
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  17th August, 2009
Uhoh, here we go again!

To be honest, I really wanted some time off. I planned to make a nice lengthy game, take my time, and maybe even finish off Patent Wars a bit, but as is usually the case.. I've written a game.
Well, it's not really a game, it's more of a toy. A play thing, if you will.

That's ready for release tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I'm once again looking at all the various tools.

I'm happy with Blitz3D, with my 2D-in-3D engine, but damn, the lack of mod is annoying.

BlitzMax still has a few quirky issues, speed wise, whereby my systems both play the games great, and other people have to struggle with 2fps!

Flash, I think I've officially given up with.. It kinda sucks that I can't wrap my head around it, but it's no Blitz. It's a very messily structured "Modern" language, and it just doesn't make any blinkin' sense to me. I'm old-school! (/old!)

So, back to Blitz3D we go.
This week's toy doesn't really need a frontend, so I've removed that for the time being.

I'll design a nice new titlescreen layout, maybe pick a new font or two, and probably redesign the Socoder/AGameAWeek logo screen thing, too, whilst I'm at it.
Hey, I might even bother to put my own name on my games, this year! Woot!
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Daily Blog
  12th August, 2009
Microbes is here : Capital letters don't work in the URL, but RetroGamer uses them anyway..

WebUser Magazine have a rather interesting idea. Each issue, they make a list of all the links included in that issue, and post it onto their forum.
Lazy folk who can't be arsed to type can then go to that post on the forum and use that as they flick through the magazine.
I honestly think it's a fantastic idea.

Not only does it get people actually clicking those written links, but it also has a rather unique side-effect.

See, if it wasn't for WebUser's Link-Posts, I would never have had all those "referral link" records in my Google Analytics account, and as such would never have known about both instances where my games have appeared in their magazine.

Editors/Publishers/whatever must have very busy lives, because they didn't bother to tell me that they'd put my game in their magazine.
Surely I'm not asking for much. An email would do!
"Just to let you know, you're in XYZ Magazine, go and buy a copy and share it with your friends. Feel proud, feel happy, and feel a bit ripped off that we aren't sending you a free copy! But hey, at least we bothered to tell you!"

Point of this post? : Without emails, I had no idea. Only their link page brought forth the knowledge. Which makes me wonder, if I hadn't flicked through this month's Retro Gamer (Issue 67), would I ever have known that Microbes is on page 100?

Would I bugger.

Magazines, tell me already!!!!!
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Daily Blog
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