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25th May 2009  
I'm a calm person.
I will happily settle with what I've got, and be glad that I have it.
I don't own a copy of Flash, I can't afford it, and I'm not going to steal it.
So I carry on making games in Blitz, and whatever else I can get my hands on.
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25th May 2009  
Like Electronic Arts, my game titles are becoming ever more complex, with themes and years being added on, in an ever expanding way.
No matter, it's still only 12 characters long, so that's ok
Yesterday I made a decision that might break up AGameAWeek for a few weeks.
I don't seem to have nearly enough time, recently, so I'll pad things out a bit, and work on a lengthy project.
(Although, if it helps, I worked on a bunch of M...
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Daily Blog
20th May 2009  
Today I start a new feature, mostly due to 2 odd posts in my spambin.
1. Invispnib writes..
Should they even be there? Please comment on this video clip. I don't think Robert Cooper or Brad Wright would ever let these two ever have any serious part on Stargate Universe. Well maybe the brunette???
The link in question
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Daily Blog
19th May 2009  
I'm not really sure if this is good, to be honest, but here it is anyway..
Counters Strike

BlitzBasic Sourcecode included.
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18th May 2009  
I haven't started it yet!
This week's Wednesday Workshop (#201) asks us to create a game within a 3 hour limit.
Looks like I'm aiming for that, then!
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Daily Blog
13th May 2009  
Occasionally, I like to jot down my current doings. It helps keep track of projects, and ideas, and sometimes getting a bit of feedback helps.
So feel free to do that!
1. Java/MidletPascal
Since I got my latest phone (an LGCookie) I decided to get back into Java coding... Except, without that horrible Java bit.
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Daily Blog
12th May 2009  
This week's Wednesday Workshop (#200! wowie) asked us to create a game using no more than 2000 characters.
I managed to recreate the classic 8-bit title "Splat!", whereby you control a spider through a maze, picking up fruit.
In order to squeeze all that into 2000 characters, I opted for simpler mouse movement, and few other bits and pieces.
Then I figured, what the heck, and decided to make it a wee bit bigger for AGameAWeek.
Guide the worm through the maze, grab the circles, av...
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5th May 2009  
Is that title subtle enough for Google, d'you think?
This week, I've been getting to grips with MidletPascal, and dodging it's annoying mid-compile crashes, in a vague attempt to get some games onto my phone.
Sorry folks, this week's AGameAWeek is entirely Java based.
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2nd May 2009  
Stupid spambots are taking the smeg, so I've added a fake captcha thing to see if it does anything.
Like it says, just ignore the thing, and it'll ignore, too.
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Daily Blog
30th April 2009  
My cookie work's kicking off, now. With a fully working keyboard, and sprites flying around the screen, I'm ready to start building games.

I've a few games in mind and am hoping to get some work done during the week.
But what does that mean for AGameAWeek?
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Daily Blog
28th April 2009  
With all the time spent playing around with Java and MidletPascal, this week, along with the time spent on H~S~R, we seem to have hit a bit of a low point.
Still, no matter, here's a "fun" game!
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27th April 2009  
I've added bloom, and a few more tweaks here and there.
The complete list of changes can be seen inside.
Otherwise, the usual two things.

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Daily Blog
26th April 2009  
1st attempted Java App.
It's a nice quicky program.
Pick a time, click start, when time's up it plays a tune.
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Daily Blog
22nd April 2009  
I'm taking a day off from H~S~R today, thinking ahead for next weeks game, which may/may not be a word game.. not sure..
Anyhoo, there are bugs, and Swarmer found a couple, so head inside to have a good read about 'em.

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Daily Blog , Player Thoughts
21st April 2009  
Yeay! It's Horizontal Shooter Redux!!
In this first release, there's a few pointers. Read inside for those.
Otherwise, nice and quick, here's a picture.

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20th April 2009  
No scores, No End of Game, No Badges, and to be fair, nothing really new, either!
Can Jay complete about 75% of a game within a day!?

Find out tomorrow, when a probably incomplete H~S~R turns up, at AGameAWeek.com!
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Daily Blog
18th April 2009  
<a href="http://AGameAWeek.com/2008/11/and-a-smidgeon-of-vaseline/">Vaseline gives me migraines</a>
Anyway, we managed to go, what, 30+ years of gaming without it, so I think we can manage!
Even more extra lovely glow, today. With a few tweaks, the background's starting to smear! Not sure why, but damn if that doesn't look cool!!
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Daily Blog
17th April 2009  
H~S~R's coming along, nice and slowly.
As I add each new little thing, I spend about an hour playing with the lovely swooshy swirlyness of it.
The whole Texture-Buffer-Blurry thing has really added some niceness to the game.
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Daily Blog
16th April 2009  
It's been 30 weeks since I last tackled Horizontal Shooter.
The last time, I used BlitzMax.
It was wonderful, and gave me all manner of nice swirly effects for those lovely background lines.
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Daily Blog
14th April 2009  
So, Red Dwarf.
I know there's a lot of complainers out there, but I loved it.
OK, it wasn't old Dwarf, and it really missed the laugh-track.
But that was good!
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Daily Blog
12th April 2009  
AGameAWeek, except when not!
It's Easter weekend, the weather outside is gorgeous, and I'm really not in a Sit + Code type of mood.
Doesn't happen very often, but there it is!
So, if there's no Game this week, that'll be why!
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Daily Blog
10th April 2009  
Giving yourself more work!
Last week I bought myself a new phone.
A lovely little phone!
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Daily Blog
7th April 2009  
A bizarre mismash of random thoughts this week, alongside an eventual plan of action, and only a day to impliment it!!

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3rd April 2009  
I'm jumping all over the place, lately, aren't I!!
With Skeleton files to update, Menus to rejig, and even super-complex Socoder work, there's lots and lots and lots for me to do!
This morning, I've hopped back to Platdude's Retro Collection 2. Day 14 is a whole day away from Day 13. That can't be good! The game won't be finished for another year and a half at this rate!!
Right then.. Menus!
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
2nd April 2009  
OK, as I said earlier, I've been playing with the Skeleton stuff today.
Whilst I was in there, I wondered how fun it might be if I added some kind of overriding features into my default engine.
You might (or not) have noticed, but since Wednesday Workshop Week #1, I've been placing all my game's data into the System folder, then into it's own Weekly numbered folder within.
If you get ALL my games (from the past couple of years), you can bundle them all together into the same folder.
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Daily Blog
2nd April 2009  
OMG! The complaints are everywhere!
I guess the general verdict is that my games are too hard.
To be honest, I never thought of them as being "hard". I just kinda skip over the dull early parts, *ARRGGHH!! TUTORIALS!!!!* and get the player right into the game, instead.
But folk are complaining. So a new plan of action must be decided.
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Daily Blog
31st March 2009  
I had intended to update this a fair bit. Add music, add extra pickups, things like that.
But in the end, I instead decided to leave it as it is.
This is (with added Highscore table) pretty much as it is at the end of the two hour session.
A nice simple game, with a basic gameplay method.
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