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RSKGames's Top 15!
25th October 2017  
An unexpected addition to the comments, as @RSKGames decides to give us a lovely "Top 15 Games of the Year" list!

As we have come to the end of games this year, following is my top 15 (10 was not enough so 15) AGAW games this year.

15. Pigeon's Treat

Flappadiddle's cousin with limitted flytime.


14. The Dangerous World of Castles

Huge world with fun shooting.

13. Monsters Ate My Cheesecake

A totally dark action game.

12. Poke 5,n

A simple and well excecuted puzzle game.

11. Thwackity Puttz

Beautiful graphics and well designed levels.

10. Blockman Returns

Excellent soundtrack and fun gameplay.

9. Shelley the Frog

Great packman type game.

8. The Inbox Sheriff

Simple, addictive and impossible as time goes on.

7. Clusters of Hex

An action match 3 game.

6. Quadoban

Top level generation puzzle game.

5. Mini Clampett

Addictive and fun gameplay.

4. Sheep Goes Right

Great graphics and gameplay.

3. Samurai Plat

Good mix of action and path puzzle solving.

2. Read Error A

All minigames chained together gives a great challenging experience.

1. Flappadiddle

Addictive gameplay with great controls. Spent too much time due to tough competition in the leaderboards but finally lost to Rychan.

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