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The Blogged History of 'Foldapuz'

26th May, 2020
    v1.82 - Added the Word game Word Bridge

19th May, 2020
    v1.81 - Added the logic puzzle, ABC Grid

12th May, 2020
    v1.80 - Added the maths puzzle Total Product.

7th May, 2020
    v1.79 - Added the logic puzzle Fillomino

28th April, 2020
    v1.78 - Added the word puzzle Enigma.

20th April, 2020
    v1.77 - Added the maths/logic game, Pillbox

15th April, 2020
    v1.76 - Added the classic logic game, Camp.

7th April, 2020
    v1.75 - Added the word game Phonecall

30th March, 2020
    v1.74 - Added the maths puzzle, Sum Search

25th March, 2020
    v1.73 - Added the Logic puzzle, Clusters

17th March, 2020
    v1.72 - Added the logic puzzle, Treasure Hunt

10th March, 2020
    v1.71 - Added the maths puzzle, Multipies.

3rd March, 2020
    v1.70 - Added the word game All Change.

25th February, 2020
    v1.69 - Added the maths puzzler Resolf

18th February, 2020
    v1.68 - Added the maths puzzle Eighteen PINs.

11th February, 2020
    v1.67 - Added the windy logic puzzle, Four Winds

4th February, 2020
    v1.66 - Added the game Crypto Maths

28th January, 2020
    v1.65 - Added the game Balance Blocks

21st January, 2020
    v1.64 - Added the game Two Letters

21st January, 2020
    v1.635 - Created the ''Instructions'' sheet.

14th January, 2020
    v1.63 - Added the game Nine Plus.

7th January, 2020
    v1.62 - Added the block finding game, Five Blocks

17th December, 2019
    v1.61 - Added the domino logic puzzle Bunkatsu

10th December, 2019
    v1.60 - Added the game Word Squares

3rd December, 2019
    v1.59b - Added the game Word Flower

3rd December, 2019
    v1.59a - Reworked the Maze Generators (again!) and added a new WordList searching function

26th November, 2019
    v1.58 - Added the logic puzzle ABC Path

19th November, 2019
    v1.57 - Added the Maths puzzle, Mathrax

12th November, 2019
    v1.56 - Added the word game Fishing Hole.

5th November, 2019
    v1.55 - Added the logic game ''Pills''

29th October, 2019
    v1.54 - Added the logic puzzle, Sikaku

22nd October, 2019
    v1.53 - Added the maths puzzle Yakuso

14th October, 2019
    v1.50 - Added Snake, and rewrote the main site.

10th October, 2019
    v1.39 - Added Star Battle

1st October, 2019
    v1.38 - Added the maths puzzle, Companion Maths

24th September, 2019
    v1.37 - Added a maths puzzle, Nine X.

17th September, 2019
    v1.36 - Added the word game, Four Cross

10th September, 2019
    v1.37 - Added the word game Split Words.

27th August, 2019
    v1.35 - Added the logic puzzle, Bridges.

19th August, 2019
    v1.34 - Added the game Square Sums, which may or may not be a Magic Square!

13th August, 2019
    v1.33 - Added another (!) maze game, Four of Hearts.

6th August, 2019
    v1.32 - Added the word game ''Triplet'', which only shows three letters.

30th July, 2019
    v1.31 - Added Maze Club, a ''follow the path'' maze game.

22nd July, 2019
    v1.30 - Added the logic game ''Pontoon Grid''.

15th July, 2019
    v1.29 - Added the maths puzzle Cross Sums. Also added ALL the Foldapuz games to the AGameAWeek archive.

8th July, 2019
    v1.28 - Added the game Word Wheel, and rejigged the Letter Lattice to be less repetitive.

1st July, 2019
    v1.27 - Added ''Far Away'', a logic puzzle about distance.

24th June, 2019
    v1.26 - Added the word game ''Word Pyramid'' where you have to remove letters to build the pyramid.

17th June, 2019
    v1.25 - Added ''Domino Grid'', a game of counting dots.

10th June, 2019
    v1.24 - Added the hexagonal Logic puzzle Rikudo.

4th June, 2019
    Added word game ''Extra Tiles'', a game of anagrams. Also, fixed Kakuro.

31st March, 2019
    Added a history page to AGameAWeek.

7th March, 2019
    Added the game, Number Chain, where you need to link maths to reach the target.

10th February, 2019
    Added a new maths game, Combinations. Fill in the two rows without repetition.

5th February, 2019
    Added a new logic puzzle, Linjat, where you need to reach from numbered cells to dotted cells, either horizontally or vertically.

28th January, 2019
    Added the word anagram game Scrambled Grid.

15th January, 2019
    Reworked the generator for Maths Maze, to make the solutions a little less simple.

14th January, 2019
    Added a number based game, Maths Maze.

23rd December, 2018
    Added the Logic puzzle, Futoshiki. Fill the grid with numbers 1 to 5, with the little arrows pointing from higher to smaller values.

20th December, 2018
    Added the Maths game Kakuro, where you need to add up numbers in the grid, to make the values shown in the triangles.

19th December, 2018
    Added the logic puzzle Rebordered (aka Fences) into the fold.

15th December, 2018
    Added the logic puzzle Slitherlink into the fold. Draw a single loop which crosses the grid, with the numbered grid points having that many sections crossed over.

14th December, 2018
    Added the maths game MultiBox, where you need to multiply the rows and columns, correctly.

12th December, 2018
    Added the Logic/Chess game Find the King, where you need to .. Find the King!

8th December, 2018
    Added the maths puzzle Bracket Surgery, where only BODMAS can help you!

4th December, 2018
    Added the Logic puzzle Link Janitor.

27th November, 2018
    Some background code tweaks.

26th November, 2018
    Added the crossword style Word game Cross Target.

24th November, 2018
    Background work, mostly on the URLs for the game.

22nd November, 2018
    Unfolded seems to be working well, now.

21st November, 2018
    First release of ''Unfolded'', a browser based playable version of Foldapuz

18th November, 2018
    Having issues with the browser's Pinch-Zoom. Going to have to code me own.

16th November, 2018
    Work on the Browser Playable edition continues.

15th November, 2018
    Starting work on a browser edition of Foldapuz.

14th November, 2018
    Rewrote game URLs from the original single-character limit, to a double-character version.

12th November, 2018
    Added the word game Wordoku, which is more of a Logic puzzle, if I'm honest!

11th November, 2018
    Added a second maze puzzle, Alternating Maze. Step on alternating tiles, and find a route to the other side.

31st October, 2018
    Added Eight Queens to the fold. The standard ''Place 8 Queens on the board without them attacking each other'' puzzle.

23rd October, 2018
    Added the logic puzzle, Don't Connect Four.

14th October, 2018
    Rewrote sections of Crossed, due to it occasionally producing empty puzzles.

9th October, 2018
    Two new games. The trigonometry filled Critically Triangular, and a simpler word puzzle, Word Snake.

7th October, 2018
    Added a three letter word puzzle, Word Grid.

4th October, 2018
    Formatted the URL so that they include your chosen puzzle layout.

3rd October, 2018
    Moved to a new server, and added the new game Logic Battleships

26th September, 2018
    Added in a new Maths puzzle, Move One Digit.

25th September, 2018
    Added new Maths Puzzle, Solve A,B,C.

19th September, 2018
    A huge rewrite of the Sudoku code to make them solvable! Also added new game Word Ladder.

17th September, 2018
    Added a generic Sudoku puzzle.

16th September, 2018
    Added in ''Yesterday's Solutions'', which usually works, but occasionally doesn't!

15th September, 2018
    v1 of the Foldapuz website.

14th September, 2018
    Switched the engine to work with a TTF Font.

13th September, 2018
    Added a simple ''Doodle'' game, which draws a scrawl, and you need to finish the doodle.

12th September, 2018
    The name ''Foldapuz'' is now permanent, and a lovely logo has been designed.

11th September, 2018
    Possible name, ''Foldapuz'', and a quickly scribbled logo!

11th September, 2018
    The first bits of the new puzzle collection come together.

3rd September, 2018
    The Start of a new Project

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